Keynote Speakers


Hon.Clare Akamanzi

CEO, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) & Member of the Cabinet of Rwanda

Diarietou Gaye

World Bank Director of Strategy and Operations, Africa Region

Amane Dannouni

Partner, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)


A Rising Generation: Youth's Role in Politics and Business

With 70% of the African population under the age of 30, Africa has the youngest population in the world. Around the continent, youth are contributing to economic growth by building successful businesses, instigating political change, and improving lives by leading social programs in their communities. Looking ahead, young Africans, both on the continent and around the world, aspire to become agents of change and will be crucial in balancing the objectives of public and private sector to create continued and lasting change. This panel will discuss examples of youth shaping the business and political landscape across Africa and explore ways to further harness the vibrancy, ideas and optimism.


Jean Philbert Nsengimana

Founder & CEO, Idex Africa

Brighton Mukupa Kaoma

Zambian Social Entrepreneur and Environmental Innovator

Sustainable Agriculture in a Growing Economy

Population growth, climate change, and increasing resource constraints present huge challenges to agriculture, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), where over 60% of the population are smallholder farmers. As we look to mobilize the continent for the next growth frontier, we turn to a panel of agriculture experts from a variety of backgrounds from a young entrepreneur to a private equity investor to discuss how to develop sustainable agriculture in Africa’s growing economy.

Tembwe Mutungu

Co-Founder/CFO, First Wave Group

Jerry Parkes

Co-Founder, Managing Principal, Injaro Investments, Ltd

Tsito Raharison

Investment Manager, UFF African Agri Investments

Arts, Media, & Entertainment: Capitalizing on Africa’s Rising Cultural Currency

We are on the cusp of a global African cultural boom. Over the past decade, interest in Africa and its cultural exports has been steadily growing in the West. From ankara cementing its place on mainstream fashion runways to new dishes putting a modern twist on African cuisine, Africa can be felt in so many facets of society. But how can we capitalize on this cultural currency, which is now trading at an all-time high? What are the ways that we can establish not only strong but sustainable relationships across the diaspora to ensure that Africans are the main beneficiaries of this new scramble for African cultural influence?

Yetunde Olukoya

CEO, Ray Darten

Eche Emole

CEO, Founder of Afropolitan Group

Larry Madowo

Knight-Bagehot Fellow in Economics and Business Journalism at Columbia University and the BBC Africa Business Editor

Abdul Karim Abdullah

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Culture Management Group (CMG) and Afrochella Festival

Rachel Naa-Du Laryea

CEO, Kelewele LLC

China in Africa: Rebalancing the Relationship

Africa’s growing connections with China is a critical and accelerating development that is increasingly impacting the daily lives of Africans. The goal of this panel is to explore this relationship and question whether or not it is one that is beneficial for Africa. If not, what can Africa do to leverage China’s resources and achieve a more mutual partnership?

Constantine Chikosi

Former Advisor to the VP Regional Manager for Southeast Asia, The World Bank

Peter Orth

Co-Founder and Managing Director, 4DX Ventures

Bridget Baokye

Co-Founder, Africans on China

Paul Trustfall

Editor, Forbes China

Energy & Infrastructure Public Private Partnership: The Case of Cote d'Ivoire and Beyond

With Africa’s growing infrastructure and energy needs, neither the private sector nor the public sector can accomplish the task of investment alone. The panel will highlight the key drivers behind the successful partnership between IFC and the government of Cote d’Ivoire to develop the country’s energy transition plan and will then delve into how the public and private sector can better work together to serve Africa’s energy and infrastructure needs.

Aditi Maheshwari

Senior Policy Officer, IFC

Ifeanyi Umejei

Co-Founder & President, ICE Commercial Power

Jean Jacques NGONO

Managing Partner - Africa, Finergreen

Liubym Gerasymenko

CFO, Symbion Power

Entrepreneurship: What’s Your Story?

Entrepreneurs are on the front lines of the next growth frontier. This panel showcases the stories of entrepreneurs and businesses that are on the path to be continental and global titans. Through their experiences, we will explore the best practices, challenges and trends to watch in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Debo Olaosebikan

Founder & CTO, Gigster

Kagure Wamunyu

Head of Africa, Kobo360

Richard Greenberg

Managing Director, OPIC - Social Enterprise Finance

Euler Bropleh

Founder & Managing Director, VestedWorld

Scaling Pan-African Fintech

From crowdfunding to payments, fintech players have continued to innovate, thereby promoting development and addressing the pervasive issue of financial exclusion. African fintech startups have been raising money at an unprecedented rate. A record high was set in 2018 with $357 million worth of capital flowing into African fintechs, and so far in 2019, African fintech landscape has seen several high-profile deals. Curiously, Fintechs are increasingly leveraging this funding to scale their offerings both functionally and regionally. This panel will explore what’s next for the sector - and how it will impact the financial services space on the continent at large.

Pardon Makumbe

Founding Partner, CRE Ventures

Omosalewa "O" Adeyemi

Head, Expansions, Flutterwave

Nicolai "Nico" Eddy

COO, Nala Money

Saad Sheikh

Investment Principal, TLG Capital

The Future of African Healthcare: How Digital is Unlocking New Business Models for Healthy People and Profits

Digital is dramatically changing how healthcare is delivered on the continent. In a region with countries where as much as 90% of healthcare is provided by public and donor services, we ask: how is technology creating new, viable business models for African healthcare? What will the future of healthcare delivery look like? And how will Africa lead in the future of healthcare delivery?

Zachary Fond

Managing Director, Alta Semper

Ralph Oluwole

Director of Growth, Helium Health

Dr. Ben Ngoye

Lecturer, Institute of Healthcare Management, Strathmore University Business School

Dr. Patrick Singa

Medical Director, Babyl Rwanda

Ami Dalal

Managing Director, FINCA Ventures

Deploying Private Capital: A Look at African Private Equity Investing

This panel will illustrate opportunities, challenges, and risks associated with investing in the ever-changing African private equity landscape: diving deeper into deal origination, due diligence processes, and exit optionality. The peerless panelists, each of whom has a unique perspective, will share their experiences executing deals in Africa’s private markets.

Justin DeAngelis

Partner, International Power Fund, Denham Capital

Melissa Cook

Founder and Managing Director, African Sunrise Partners LLC

Allan Cunningham

CEO & Publisher, Africa Capital Digest

Raza Hasnani

Head of Infrastructure Investments, Africa50

Tales from the Real Estate Market: Views from Financiers & Practitioners

Driven by demographics, increasing wealth, cross-border economic integration and growing urbanization, the demand for more modern and better quality real estate across all regions in Africa is expanding. This panel will discuss sectoral challenges and opportunities, for financiers, developers and other players in the real estate value chain.

Fred Cooper

SVP, Toll Brothers

Britt Gwinner

Head, Housing Finance, Financial Institutions Group, IFC

Robert Hornsby

Co-founder, American Homebuilders of West Africa

The Future of Tech and Venture Capital on the Continent

There was almost a four-fold increase in total startup funding to African startups in 2018. The number of deals more than doubled and startups on the continent are increasingly receiving big ticket rounds of over $5 million. In total, African startups raised a record $725.6 million across 458 deals. How do we see this trend evolving in the short to medium term future? What are the key tech areas that could potentially fuel a continued increase in investments and investment amounts? What are the largest potential headwinds that could deter this trend from continuing?

Olu Oyinsan

Managing Partner, Oui Capital

Steve Sammut

Chairman, Industry Advisory Board, Alta Semper Capital
Senior Fellow, Health Care Management and Lecturer, Entrepreneurship, Wharton School

Caine Wanjau

CTO, Twiga Foods

Efayomi Carr

Head of Strategic Finance, Lori Systems

Debo Olaosebikan

Co-founder & CTO, Gigster

Omar Darwazah

General Partner & CFO, AAF Management Limited

Women in Business & Leadership

The next decade will undeniably be an exciting chapter in the story of Africa’s growth and development. With this, women will play an increasingly significant role in the continent reaching her full potential. This panel will aim to explore what some of the key dimensions of growth and development will be and more tactically how African women should and will play an important role in getting the continent there. Additionally, the panel will seek to highlight resources and support necessary to achieve a more inclusive and sustainable future.

Thoko Moyo

Associate Dean for Communications and Public affairs, Harvard Kennedy School (HKS)

adesola Elabor

Founder and CEO, d'iyanu

Dia Martin

Managing Director, OPIC